Become a volunteer!

We are looking for volunteers with various levels of Japanese language skills who would help us with organizing Japan Week and simple interpreting.

Why become a volunteer?

You have a unique opportunity to contribute to the biggest event of its kind. You can also:

  • practise your language skills
  • help to promote the knowledge and awareness of the Japanese culture
  • collaborate with top Japanese artists
  • contribute to the understanding between the nations

What does it involve?

  • The volunteers with good Japanese and Czech language skills will be helping with interpreting between the Japanese artists and visitors during the workshops and performances
  • The volunteers with moderate knowledge of Japanese and/or Czech language skills will be helping with the communication between the Japanese organizers and the English-speaking venue staff
  • We also welcome help from the volunteers with no Japanese skills during the preparatory works and with logistics. They will be teamed up with Japanese-speaking volunteers or English-speaking organizers

Volunteering is free, but we will cover your expenses for lunch and/or dinner - depending on the time assignment.

How to become a volunteer?

Contact us at:

(English / Japanese / Czech)